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Closr to closing

The transparent way to do real estate 

Connecting homebuyers and sellers to get the best value.

Get the best value for your home with given resources 

Everyone's privacy is top priority so you wont be in direct contact with buyer/seller until you are matched.

Thank you for participating in our successful Beta Test for closr 1.0. We are working on closr 2.0 and hope to start Beta testing in late 2022. 

closr allows you to discover homes that is the right match for you. Based on your needs, that you include closr report data, preparing you best as possible.

Agents can host live tours and receive offers on site

Find your ideal home

Closr Home Report gives you data , like CARFAX does for cars, for your entire property, helping you move in with confidence

House property data that informs you 

Connect the right vendor to get your home ready and sold in no time

Get your home sold from A-Z with closr's service suite

Connecting like never before

If home is where your heart is then, we bring you closr to finding the exact fit for you. 

Design that is made to work

Closr helps find the right home to find your needs and desires. We are the filter you need. The CARFAX of homes. Your savior from another jerk blind date. 

closr helps both buying and selling, processes by giving you the right resources. 

Closr reports expose the home's true condition, ensuring you get the right home and ensuring your home selling process has no unexpected delays. 



Real Estate Under a Clear Scope

We believe transparency helps the process of sales for all parties. Connecting the right buyer for the right house should be an easy and seamless process for all. Now with closr, you can find the dream house of a lifetime by having an inspection report to show you the true condition of a home. 

View open houses from

anywhere all on your phone

closr connect

Helping Agents

Agents can now signup for the closr app for a chance to increase your reach and make another house a home. At closr we know the importance of a realtor during the home buying process and we want to make this process as efficeint as possible for all parties. Agents can be found by buyers and sellers for the property they are wishing to sell. 

Recieve Live Offers

When performing a live tour video, viewers will be able to submit an offer for you to see at the end of the live tour video. You can see which is the best option for you and be connected with the user and proceed to a faster closing.

Connect with the right professional

closr live tour videos opens a word of new opportunities to see the worlds perceprtion on your house. Even better, you can invite any real esate professional to come join your live tour video and answer any questions your or viewers may have. 

Giving Power to our users with data and tools

With closr community pricing, users can now have access to the rawest data of all properties before any big decisions.

No more surprises for anyone from a failed escrow. Now, all agents, sellers, and buyers can now communicate on the agreeable listing price the house truly deserves in the market. 

Live Home Tours From your Fingertips

No more hassle of hosting and going to physical open houses. You can now enjoy the same experience from our app. With professional vendors chiming in, you can ask all the questions you might have about the property.

Brokers, open houses are no longer your job! 

Enjoy a pool of potential buyers in a single virtual open house to get one step closr to closing your deals.